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14 May 2012 | I/O Virtualization

Benefits of Using VMware View ADP Dealer Services

ADP Dealer Services sought an end-user computing (EUC) solution from VMware to enable quick provisioning and de-provisioning of development environments. The company chose VMware View for global deployment. With the View client, the deve...

23 Apr 2012 | Server Virtualization

Royal Bank of Scotland and Virtual Client Services: large-scale desktop transformation with Fujitsu

Desktop virtualization is on the wish lists of most CIOs, but making the approach work in today's business environment is proving difficult. The Royal Bank of Scotland, a leading global financial institution with headquarters in the United ...

16 Apr 2012 | Server Virtualization

Jimmy Campaigns for President (with VMware) - IT Support Support Guy has taken Jimmy from a reserved IT guy to a virtualization virtuoso. Now, he's helping him campaign for company president to complete his rise to the top. Learn more about desktop virtualizat...

16 Apr 2012 | Server Virtualization

How Citrix AppDNA Software Accelerates and Automates Application Migrations

Automate application testing, application remediation and application preparation with the Citrix AppDNA application management platform. Paul Schnell, Citrix AppDNA Vice-President of Product Engineering, explains how AppDNA software works ...

9 Apr 2012 | Server Virtualization

How to Optmize the Master Desktop Image for VMware View - VMware View How to Series: How to Optmize the Master Desktop Image for VMware View. Learn how optimize your Windows desktop master image when configuring View desktops.

9 Apr 2012 | Server Virtualization

Executive Mobility with XenClient, XenDesktop, and ShareFile

The executive of today is mobile and wants to use cool devices like Ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones. Citrix XenClient works offline and provides the security features they need, like data encryption and remote kill pill. Citrix XenDesk...

19 Mar 2012 | Server Virtualization

VMware vCloud Client for iPad

Hold your cloud in your hands with the new VMware vCloud Client for iPad. The VMware vCloud Client for iPad empowers users to view and inspect their VMs, provision environments, and perform basic workload operations -- all from the conveni...

12 Mar 2012 | Server Virtualization

EMA on the Challenges Managing Virtualized and Cloud Environments and how EMC is Addressing These

Jim Frey, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates speaks on the challenges of managing virtualized and cloud environments.

12 Mar 2012 | I/O Virtualization

VMware Cloud Management Health -- Is your IT environment having chest pains? VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite literally has it's finger on the pulse of your virtual infrastructure with the ability to crunch millions of metrics and provide r...

5 Mar 2012 | Server Virtualization

Disaster Recovery in VMware vCloud Director -- VMware's Chris Colotti and Duncan Epping discuss their popular session at PEX 2012 on disaster recovery in the cloud. Some of the session attendees are also featured to give their feedback. For a technical overview o...

5 Mar 2012 | Server Virtualization

VDI Deployment Using EMC IT Operations Intelligence and VMware vCenter Operations

Listen to Bruce George, Solutions Architect, Management

14 Nov 2011 | Server Virtualization

North Carolina's Governor Perdue at EMC's Grand Opening of the Durham Center of Excellence

Governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina officially welcomes EMC to the state from EMC's Grand Opening of the Durham Center of Excellence. Visit For more information on the highly virtualized cloud data center and how EMC is helping cu...

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