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Virtualization Videos

9 Feb 2015 | Other

VMware EVO:RAIL Management Experience video

This video shows the EVO:RAIL management user interface

9 Feb 2015 | Other

VMworld Man on the Street - Merlin Boissonneault & Chis Halverson | Symantec

Matt Stephenson, Symantecs Man on the Street, chats with Merlin Boissonneault & Chis Halverson at #VMworld 2014

2 Feb 2015 | Other

VMware EVO:RAIL Configuration Experience video

This video shows the EVO:RAIL configuration user interface

2 Feb 2015 | Other

Symantec Data Center Security: Server Introduction

For more information visit: http://www

26 Jan 2015 | Other

VMware EVO:RAIL Full End-to-end Experience video

This video walks through the entire EVO:RAIL user interface with our key software architect

19 Jan 2015 | Other

The Waddington Group leverages VMware vSOM

A rapidly expanding group of manufacturing companies, The Waddington Group met the challenge of growth by leveraging VMware vSphere with Operations Managemen

12 Jan 2015 | Other

3 Killer Apps for Virtualized Storage

See how you can quickly turn existing storage into cloud storage with storage virtualization, use Analytics Driven Data Management to reduce users cost of s

12 Jan 2015 | Other

IBM Storage Virtualization

This video is focused on storage virtualization and the economic/operational value it can deliver

5 Jan 2015 | Other

Data Virtualization Provides the Answer to Enterprise-Wide Distribution of Data

Ciscos Bob Eve and Scott Ciccone discuss the challenges of the increasing distribution of enterprise data and the benefits of applying data virtualization t

5 Jan 2015 | Other

Network Virtualization...and Reality. Juniper Services to Help You Plan

There is no doubt that moving from a rigid network to an agile one with elastic services has its benefits, letting you move into new revenue areas or reducin

29 Dec 2014 | Other

Dell Desktop Virtualization and the Future of Windows

Presenters Gabe Knuth (TechTarget) and Patrick Rouse (Dell) talk about Desktop Virtualization, the future of Windows and the new release of Wyse vWorkspace 8

29 Dec 2014 | Other

AutomationDnD Your Virtualization Experience

vmWare 10 Workstation, SQL Data Base Clusters, iSCSI3 LUNs, ESXi5

22 Dec 2014 | Other

VMware vCloud Air: Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

Watch this short video and learn about the benefits of signing up for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand online with a browser and a credit card, and getting ins

22 Dec 2014 | Other

EMC VPLEX: Technology in Action

Lotus F1 Team explains the EMC VPLEX in action at their Enstone headquarters

15 Dec 2014 | Other

VMware Vertical Perspectives: Financial Services and Federated Markets

In this candid interview, Vmwares Product Line Marketing Manager for EUC, Muthu Somasundaram talks about how Vmware products are helping in the financial se

15 Dec 2014 | Other

EMC ViPR Demo: Services Overview


8 Dec 2014 | Other

VMware Vertical Perspectives: Education

In this candid interview, VMwares EUC Solutions Marketing specialist, Geoffrey Murase, discusses how Vmware products are helping to reshape and redefine edu

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