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10 Nov 2014 | Other

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 - Session Prelaunch and Linger

This video introduces you to the new Session Prelaunch and the new Session Linger features with Citrix Receiver for web

10 Nov 2014 | Other

Virtualizing SAP HANA: Sizing SAP HANA Scale Up

Organizations value the power of in memory processing innovations such as SAP HANA to speed up their mission critical operations, driving innovation and busi

3 Nov 2014 | Other

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 - Unauthenticated Users (Anonymous Users)

This video provides an introduction to the new Unauthenticated Users feature

3 Nov 2014 | Other

Virgin Trains bolsters productivity by 300 hours a day with VMware Mirage (long)

Find out how Virgin Trains has boosted the productivity of its mobile users by 300 hours a day - the result of a faster performing, better managed desktop en

27 Oct 2014 | Other

Citrix - XenMobile and ShareFile

The following video highlights the synergies between Citrix XenMobile and ShareFile for delivering a complete EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution

27 Oct 2014 | Other

The importance of Project Meteor & Just-in-Time Desktops

EUC CTO Kit Colbert discusses the importance of Just-in-Time (JiT) desktops and why theyre fundamentally better than traditional approaches to VDI

20 Oct 2014 | Other

A preview of Citrix Summit 2015

Get ready for an exciting new Citrix Summit to be held January 13-14, 2015 at The Venetian | The Palazzo Congress Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

20 Oct 2014 | Other

TELUS Communications: Expanding the Use Case for VMware Horizon

TELUS Communications is Canadas leading national telecommunications provider

13 Oct 2014 | Other

How to use other virtualization software in combination with Hyper-V

When you have Hyper-V installed, you usually cannot install Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager or use VT-X with VMWare Workstation or Virtualbox vi

13 Oct 2014 | Other

Installing KVM Virtualization on CentOS 6.5

This video shows you two ways to install the packages required for KVM virtualization on CentOS 6

6 Oct 2014 | Other

DataCore SANsymphony-V10 Storage Virtualization Overview

SANsymphony™-V10 is DataCores flagship 10th generation storage virtualization solution

6 Oct 2014 | Other

SolidFire: guaranteed storage performance for Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop solutions on CloudPlatform

Dave Cahill, Director of Technology Solutions for SolidFire discusses with Geralyn Miller, Strategic Alliance Marketing at Citrix, how customers using XenApp

29 Sep 2014 | Other

Citrix Synergy 2014 - Geek Speak!

At this happy hour event, the first activity on the Synergy agenda, Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs), CTOs and other industry thought leaders will enga

29 Sep 2014 | Other

Intro to Storage Resource Management with Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control

Provides a high level overview of how Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control work to alleviate storage bottlenecks in a vSphere environment

22 Sep 2014 | Other

Bringing VMware and AirWatch Together

VMware EUC CTO Kit Colbert discusses the integration plans of VMwares desktop and mobile technologies

22 Sep 2014 | Other

Citrix Synergy 2014 - Synergy Opening Keynote with Mark Templeton

At a macro level, mobility is about creating new ways for people to work better

15 Sep 2014 | Other

Citrix SynergyTV 2014 - SynergyTV Wednesday General Session recap

Following the General Session, our hosts Amanda Saunders and Adam Jaques go in depth with two Citrix executives - Dave Moxey, VP of Corporate Product Market

15 Sep 2014 | Other

Automating the Software Defined Data Center

This video explores how cloud automation and management combined with software defined services will drive the next round IT efficiency improvements

8 Sep 2014 | Other

Citrix SynergyTV 2014 - SynergyTV Tuesday Keynote recap

Help celebrate 25 years of Citrix imagination, innovation and growth with the SynergyTV live keynote post-show recap

8 Sep 2014 | Other

VMware Horizon 6 Integration with VMware Virtual SAN

This new release delivers an unmatched level of integration of Horizon 6 with Virtual SAN by to leveraging all of the key benefits Virtual SAN has to offer:

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