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29 Sep 2014 | Other

Citrix Synergy 2014 - Geek Speak!

At this happy hour event, the first activity on the Synergy agenda, Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs), CTOs and other industry thought leaders will enga

29 Sep 2014 | Other

Intro to Storage Resource Management with Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control

Provides a high level overview of how Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control work to alleviate storage bottlenecks in a vSphere environment

22 Sep 2014 | Other

Bringing VMware and AirWatch Together

VMware EUC CTO Kit Colbert discusses the integration plans of VMwares desktop and mobile technologies

22 Sep 2014 | Other

Citrix Synergy 2014 - Synergy Opening Keynote with Mark Templeton

At a macro level, mobility is about creating new ways for people to work better

15 Sep 2014 | Other

Citrix SynergyTV 2014 - SynergyTV Wednesday General Session recap

Following the General Session, our hosts Amanda Saunders and Adam Jaques go in depth with two Citrix executives - Dave Moxey, VP of Corporate Product Market

15 Sep 2014 | Other

Automating the Software Defined Data Center

This video explores how cloud automation and management combined with software defined services will drive the next round IT efficiency improvements

8 Sep 2014 | Other

Citrix SynergyTV 2014 - SynergyTV Tuesday Keynote recap

Help celebrate 25 years of Citrix imagination, innovation and growth with the SynergyTV live keynote post-show recap

8 Sep 2014 | Other

VMware Horizon 6 Integration with VMware Virtual SAN

This new release delivers an unmatched level of integration of Horizon 6 with Virtual SAN by to leveraging all of the key benefits Virtual SAN has to offer:

1 Sep 2014 | Other

VMware vCloud for Healthcare

Learn how VMware can enable healthcare to transform the cost, quality, and delivery of patient-care products and services

25 Aug 2014 | Other

Citrix Synergy 2014 - Best practices for migrating to the latest version of XenApp

Citrix XenApp continues to evolve, adding new capabilities and features that make life better for IT teams and users

25 Aug 2014 | Other

VMwares Software-Defined Data Center at Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels International leverages VMwares Software-Defined Data Center architecture by implementing vCloud Suite Enterprise to optimize capacity, ensure

18 Aug 2014 | Other

Citrix Synergy 2014 - Optimizing server scalability & bandwidth requirements for XenDesktop & XenApp

Learn how to maximize your investment in hardware and networking infrastructure by optimizing your Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp environment

18 Aug 2014 | Other

EMC and VMware Together Can Address a New Market Segment with Virtual SAN™ (VSAN)

Jeremy Burton, EVP of EMC Product Operations and Marketing, discusses that: - EMC and VMware share common view of the Software-Defined Data-Center and Softwa

11 Aug 2014 | Other

Citrix Synergy 2014 - Cutting the cord: virtual desktops to go on corporate and BYO Macs

Looking to manage Windows desktops on Macs?

11 Aug 2014 | Other

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service - Disaster Recovery Overview

Watch this 2-minute animated video for an introduction to vCloud Hybrid Service - Disaster Recovery and learn about the highlights and key benefits of the se

4 Aug 2014 | Other

IBMs desktop virtualization offering is the answer for todays marketplace demands

Learn more about IBMs scalable desktop virtualization offering and how their solution can improve clients productivity and minimize complexity

4 Aug 2014 | Other

Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, EMC World 2014 Keynote

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger leads a general session at EMC World 2014

28 Jul 2014 | Other

XenDesktop vs VMware View - Creating 10 Virtual Desktops

In this video well compare the process of creating 10 virtual desktops in XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View

28 Jul 2014 | Other

vCAC Automated Provisioning with VMware NSX

This video explains how VMware vCloud Automation Center discovers, consumes, and provisions VMware security and network services

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