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M&I Materials selects virtualDCS and Vision Solutions for its data protection and disaster recovery

TCG Computers Ltd delivers virtualDCS’s Local Recovery Appliance including Double-Take Availability to support materials manufacturer’s business continuity strategy across physical and virtual platforms.


Date: 3 Sep 2012

Specialty materials manufacturer M&I Materials is using Vision Solutions Double-Take Availability to ensure the business continuity of its mission critical applications and data. virtualDCS, a Leeds-based cloud computing and services firm, is providing the solution via TGC Computers, M&I Materials trusted IT Partner & Provider as part of its Local Recovery Appliance product.

Using Double-Take Availability, M&I Materials’ most important applications and data can now be replicated in real time from their production systems over to the Local Recovery Appliance. This provides secondary copies of the company’s critical applications including Infor Syteline, Microsoft Exchange for email, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, which are hosted across a mix of physical and virtual machines. In the event of a disaster affecting any of the company’s production servers, the secondary virtual machines hosted on the Local Recovery Appliance can provide up-to-date and running versions of these critical applications with little or no impact on the day-to-day running of the business.

Following the successful implementation of local business continuity, M&I will be expanding its disaster recovery strategy through working with TGC Computers and virtualDCS. This will be carried out later this summer when the server images hosted on the Local Recovery Appliance will be replicated to one of virtualDCS’ data centres, allowing the firm to run a complete workplace recovery strategy.


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