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Latest Eaton Intelligent Power Manager VMware Ready

Eaton has launched the latest version of its Intelligent Power Manager™ software with new capabilities designed to enhance disaster recovery failover and planned migration within VMware® vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager. The update provides automatic virtual machine synchronisation and initiation of a backup site to avoid data loss and reduce downtime during power outages when shutting down servers is unavoidable. Eaton is the first power management company to offer such capabilities within the VMware platform.


Date: 23 Jul 2012

The software update coincides with Intelligent Power Manager’s achievement of VMware Ready™ Status, VMware’s highest level of endorsement, following a detailed validation process. The software can be found on the VMware Solution Exchange, a single destination site for compatible VMware applications and cloud infrastructure products. Eaton is the first power management company to achieve VMware Ready certification.

Traditionally, when a virtualised data centre loses power, technicians must manually initiate the recovery process in a specific sequence, often in the face of intense time pressure. Eaton’s latest version of Intelligent Power Manager increases productivity and response time by identifying the power failure immediately, initiating a backup site, and triggering VMware Site Recovery Manager’s disaster recovery failover and planned migration processes.

“Keeping critical workloads operational and preventing data corruption are a data centre’s top priorities during power outages. With our deep interaction with VMware’s vSphere platform, we usher in a new era in power management and control software,” explained Hervé Tardy, vice president and general manager, Eaton Distributed Power Quality Division. “When companies integrate power management capabilities with the IT virtualisation platform, rather than perform graceful server shutdowns, they can determine how and where to move their mission-critical workloads to keep them running, preserving both business continuity and data integrity.”

“We are pleased Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager qualifies for the VMware Ready™ logo, signifying to customers that it has met specific VMware integration and interoperability standards and works effectively with VMware cloud infrastructure, which will speed time to value within customer environments.” said Sheryl Sage, director, Alliance Programs, VMware.

The VMware Site Recovery Manager capability improves upon Intelligent Power Manager’s existing VMware integration, which enables IT personnel to view, monitor and administer not only physical and virtual servers, but also uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), power distribution units (PDUs) and other power devices, through VMware’s vCenter Server platform.


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