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LSI Survey reveals the impact of the data deluge on application performance is biggest challenge

Data centre managers define how their organisations are impacted by challenges of Data Deluge.


Date: 17 Jul 2012

LSI has announced the results of an exclusive survey of 412 European datacentre managers designed to assess the performance challenges they face in their daily datacentre activities. Significant in the findings was that while 93 percent of the businesses surveyed acknowledge the criticality of optimising application performance across their datacentres and networks, three-quarters of them do not feel they are achieving required performance levels.

In the LSI survey, datacentre managers reported that the key inhibitors to adequate application performance are network and storage access bottlenecks. These limits are in many instances the result of massive data traffic increases challenging infrastructures, limited by slower growing budgets; what LSI calls the Data Deluge Gap. This gap is caused by network traffic and storage capacity needs growing more than 30 percent per year while IT budgets and spending are growing at much slower rates of only 5 to 7 percent. As a result, today’s explosive data growth is outstripping the infrastructure build-out required to support it, and datacentre managers are acutely feeling this challenge.

Highlights from the survey findings:
• 25 percent of datacentre managers report that sub-optimal application performance leads to lost revenue.
• Two in five datacentre managers worry about the impact of application performance on company competitiveness.
• Flash-based storage is of strong interest, but budget in this area is still low.
• 70 percent of datacentre managers say network and storage access challenges cause their biggest performance issues, with transaction performance issues leading to lost business.

Datacentre managers showed strong interest in flash-based storage and understand that solid state disks (SSDs) can accelerate application performance. However, the survey revealed that nearly half don’t yet have budget allocated to the purchase of SSDs and that perceived costs were cited as the biggest reason for many datacentre managers holding back on their adoption of SSDs (92 percent). Datacentre managers report that the top four business-critical applications are virtualisation tools, Microsoft® Exchange, SQL Server® and Oracle® Applications.

“The survey reaffirms the need for strong performance improvements in datacentres specifically around system intelligence and application acceleration given the growing challenges of the Data Deluge,” said Tony Afshary, director of marketing, Accelerated Solutions Division, LSI. “There is a strong return on investment possible through the addition of intelligent silicon and flash-based storage in the datacentre and the survey shows a need for further collaboration between companies like ours and the datacentre managers to fully understand and maximise these benefits.”


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