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NHS Trust saves £1.86 million

Innovative IT company Proact won both nominated categories at the 2011 Excellence in Supply awards at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh (WWL) NHS Foundation Trust. Winning both Supplier of the Year and Best Collaborative Project, Proact UK demonstrated how a customer focused, vendor independent approach combined with strong knowledge of the market allows for successful projects that help drive organisational goals and add business value.


Date: 20 Aug 2012

The Challenge
After a close call WWL primary data centre, the Trust needed to safeguard its patient data to ensure that key services remained up and a safe and efficient service was delivered to its patients.

The Solution
A solution based upon NetApp FlexPod architecture and heavy virtualisation, Proact consolidated and allowed for high flexibility, availability, security and performance with improved SLAs. Risk was significantly reduced which enabled the Trust to offer safe patient care event in the event of a disaster.

· £1.86m tangible saving over 5-years
· ROI in less than 18 months
· Award winning solution;
o Best Collaborative Project
o Project of the Year
o Proact named as “Supplier of the Year”
· Estimated 70% reduction in cost of a traditional DR service
· Dramatically improved ability to recover key services
· Solution built on proven reference FlexPod architecture
· Improvement of work/life balance for operational staff
· One million KG reduction in CO2 emissions

Customer Profile
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust is a major acute trust serving the people of Wigan and Leigh. Innovative and forward thinking, the trust is dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare for the local population in the Wigan Borough and surrounding areas. In the most recent published Performance Ratings, the Trust achieved a positive assessment and received "Good" ratings for both Effective Use of Resources and Quality of Services. The Trust has three hospital sites, a state-of-the-art outpatients centre and offices located at Bryan House and Buckingham Row in Wigan town centre.

The Challenge
The need for the protection of key IT services and critical clinical data was accentuated in Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) after there was a fire close to its datacentre (DC).
Providing critical patient care, WWL needed to ensure that its key services and patient data was readily available to clinicians and administrators in order to deliver a safe and efficient service. Making certain that the core infrastructure was resilient, stable and able to provide this availability was key; the Trust was dependent on it.
The fundamental driver and requirement of WWL was DR – ensuring that the Trust’s most valuable data was protected to minimise downtime. How to best achieve this was WWL’s main challenge and where Proact became engaged.
Like many in the public sector, efficiencies were high on the agenda and posed additional challenges for the Trust. After establishing associated risk and cost of its current infrastructure, a system was designed that transformed the way the Trust approached its IT.

The Solution
Using enterprise technology based upon the NetApp FlexPod enterprise architecture (VMware, NetApp and Cisco Nexus & UCS) Proact worked to provide a consolidated solution, ensuring high levels of availability, security and performance with improved SLAs.
The solution incorporated both a stable primary site with a secondary facility for DR services to significantly reduce risk, enabling the Trust to continue offering safe patient care in the event of a disaster.
Virtualisation was a core component of the architecture, instrumental in delivering flexibility and automated failover of key services when required.
“The local population has regained its confidence in the Trust and hospital user and employee morale is boosted due to the flexibility of the virtual environment where virtual machines can be moved when needed without effort or risk” said Garry Harris, Head of IT Services.

The Benefit
The proven Proact approach to demonstrate ROI and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) demonstrated the efficiencies that the new design would offer. Showcasing responsible public spend, a commercial saving of £1.86million over 5-years was calculated.‚?®Using UCS and VMware to reduce WWL’s server estate from 200 physicals servers to virtual machines an estimated carbon reduction saving of over 1million kilogrammes of CO2 per year was seen. Although factored into the TCO, environmental ‘Green’ savings were further recognized as an ecological/social and PR benefit.
Intangible cost savings included future savings from server virtualization – eliminating a computer room (including associated power and cooling) - and significant business/service improvement by limiting project delays and failures, reducing patient and clinical staff dissatisfaction and reputational damage to the Trust through bad publicity and press coverage.

The Press: Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust
“The Trust recently held an innovative inaugural Excellence in Supply Awards event at the DW Stadium to recognise the exceptional efforts made by suppliers. The awards ceremony gave WWL an opportunity to formally thank suppliers for their hard work, exceptional service and acknowledge the contribution they make to the Trust.
The event, thought to be the first of its kind in the country, was opened by Andrew Foster, Chief Executive of the Trust. The aim of the awards, which are to become an annual event, is to reward the excellent work of those who supply to the Trust. The event also highlights the benefits of establishing a more strategic and collaborative relationship with suppliers in order to manage the financial pressures face by both parties.
Rob Forster, Director of Finance, said, ‘At a time when the Trust is faced with such significant financial challenge, we have to look beyond the organisation for further ideas and ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Our supplier base is wide and diverse and we want to use their experience to partner with us and help us achieve our goals’.
There were 5 award categories with an overall ‘Winner of Winners’ being chosen as the Supplier of the Year.”
Source: 2012 Focus, Issue 11. Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust.


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