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WHIPTAIL ACCELA powers virtualised VMware and Citrix XenDesktop roll-out for Bluefin Corporate Consulting

Broker deploys VDI to 200 users powered by revolutionary silicon storage technology.


Date: 13 Jul 2012

Bluefin Corporate Consulting (a Capita Group company), has successfully rolled out a VMware virtualised server and desktop infrastructure (XenDesktop) to over 200 of its 700 users, made possible with ACCELA, the silicon storage technology from WHIPTAIL. Delivering virtual desktops centrally to its 11 offices in the UK, including mobile devices such as iPads, Bluefin has increased its users’ ability to access the critical data that drives its business from various devices, and at dramatically increased speed.

Both a changing business model and an increasingly distributed workforce, have made access to data ever more critical to Bluefin, which has over 1,000 clients in the UK. The company selected WHIPTAIL to power the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project based on WHIPTAIL’s success in deploying tens of thousands of VDI users globally.

WHIPTAIL’s ACCELA silicon storage array has already out-performed the organisation’s expectations. Despite the high performance demands that the virtualised desktops put on the storage device, Bluefin has never come close to needing the maximum of 250,000 write inputs/outputs per second (IOPS). ACCELA effectively eradicates data bottlenecks and protects Bluefin’s investment, while significantly reducing storage costs. The high performance of the array has also enabled Bluefin to deploy Microsoft Exchange to all staff, increasing employee productivity, especially those on the move.

Andy Meighen, Head of IT at Bluefin Corporate Consulting comments: “With our previous storage area network running a virtualised server environment, we very quickly found that the increased level of IOPS required by the VDI started to impact on the production systems. Now with WHIPTAIL ACCELA, our staff can work on virtual desktops with no impact on other services, even when there are major demands on the storage, such as when there is a high volume of people rebooting their desktops.”

Brian Feller, VP and General Manager EMEA at WHIPTAIL states: “WHIPTAIL’s silicon storage array is tuned for low latency in time sensitive environments such as that of Bluefin. WHIPTAIL offers the world’s first commercialised silicon storage array at an attractive price point, actually reducing the storage costs per user.”


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Tags: Desktop Virtualization, VMware, Citrix

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