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Halon Security a new VCE technology partner

Swedish leading email and network security solutions expert Halon Security joins the Virtual Computing Environment Company as a technology partner, taking Halon Security even further in the international market.


Date: 29 Jun 2012

As the work for creating powerful, agile, cost efficient, standardized low maintenance virtualization platforms for customers all over the world is in full swing, the initiative from VMware, Cisco and EMC has proven to be the most successful initiative so far. Working together in the joint owned Virtual Computing Environment Company corporation (VCE), the three companies works together with several technology partners to create the standards for communication and storage that brings even more value to customers working with virtualized environments.

As a technology partner, Halon Security not only gets an even bigger arena to showcase it’s already highly successful products, VCE also packages Halon Security products according to the standards decided by VCE. This means that Halon Security products get’s a strong seal of approval for deployment in environments running VMware virtualization, Cisco based communications and EMC based storage.

- This is a huge step for us at Halon Security. We already have the VMware Approved certification for our products and being a technology partner with VCE give current and potential customers an additional seal-of-approval from VCE says Peter Falck, President of Halon Security.

Halon Security is a market leader in the areas of email and network security. All products are offered both as a hardware / appliance solution and as a virtualized solution, giving customers a high degree of choice.

Halon Security’s solution for email, Halon Virtual Spam Prevention is the industry leader in email security and has been awarded several industry and magazine awards from comparative reviews. Halon Virtual Spam Prevention has stopped several hundred billion email-based spam, trojan, viruses and malware attacks all around the world every year.

Halon Security’s all new network security solution, Halon Security Router, is one of the fastest network firewalls on the market. With built in support for clustering, high availability, load balancing, hardware accelerated SSL-support, hardware accelerated IPSEC VPN support with AES encryption, DNSSEC to name a few features, Halon Security Router offers unparalleled security and performance in a virtualized environment, as a hardware appliance or on any standard PC server hardware of your own choice.


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