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When global law firm SNR Denton decided to upgrade their XenApp environment to Windows 7 on XenDesktop as part of a new document management deployment, they turned to Citrix to identify infrastructure solutions that could meet their global needs without breaking the bank. Citrix Ready storage performance partner WHIPTAIL, the world leader in high performance 100 percent silicon storage arrays, was the obvious choice.


Date: 21 Jun 2012

“We could see almost right away that traditional storage offerings had nothing to offer that could meet our storage performance requirements at a rational price point and with a reasonable datacentre footprint,” said Mike Barnas, Global IT Director at SNR Denton. “We had an aggressive deployment plan that required easy implementation and the WHIPTAIL team had an incredible experience level with XenDesktop that no other vendor could match.”

SNR Denton will leverage 72TB of silicon storage via multiple WHIPTAIL INVICTA arrays worldwide that would service thousands of users with high availability/disaster recovery/business continuity built in. According to Barnas, after completing their due-diligence and placing the order, WHIPTAIL was installed and fully configured within minutes. From there, all SNR Denton had to do was scale the environment.

“We pride ourselves on offering a solution that is an immediate game changer for business,” said Max Riggsbee, CMO at WHIPTAIL. “This is not just a step in the evolution of storage devices, it’s a transformation in the way business gets done.”

With their virtual desktop solution in place, SNR Denton was able to take hugely disruptive events like the NATO conference in Chicago and the upcoming London Olympics and make them practically irrelevant to their daily operations.

“Employees have full work-at-home access with no delays to our messaging and productivity software, and, most importantly, to our document management system,” said Scott Smithberger, Lead Global Citrix Architect. “We’ve also seen benefits in terms of lower training and support costs that would not have been possible if WHIPTAIL didn’t perform beyond our expectations.”

SNR Denton and WHIPTAIL will be appearing at Storage Decisions in Chicago, June 19-20. WHIPTAIL is a Silver Sponsor and will present at the Healthcare Luncheon in addition to having a booth in the exhibit hall.

WHIPTAIL INVICTA is the first true enterprise-class, scale-out, highly available, modular and multi protocol 100 percent NAND flash storage array ever constructed. Each fully scaled INVICTA runs on less than 1400 watts and supports up to 72TB of MLC flash with 650,000 IOs and sub-millisecond latency in a 14U array while populated with cost-effective MLC flash drives. The WHIPTAIL array is tuned to reduce latency in high I/O environments and possesses a proprietary operating system designed to overcome the write performance and longevity challenges typically associated with MLC flash. WHIPTAIL is also the first all silicon storage array vendor to offer Premium Global Customer Support (GSC) which includes support levels as high as global four hour on-site support to meet expectation within the enterprise.

“Our solutions work within an existing IT environment and WHIPTAIL can be up and running within minutes,” said Dan Crain, WHIPTAIL CEO. “SNR Denton is moving so much data that it takes a high-velocity solution to avoid bottlenecks and slowdowns. WHIPTAIL keeps your business's data moving at speeds that no simple storage solution can match.”


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