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Atlantis Computing launches ‘groundbreaking Storage Optimization product

Atlantis Computing has unveiled Atlantis ILIO FlexCloud 1.0 onstage at GigaOM Structure, one of the most influential cloud computing conferences. The new software product makes it possible for enterprises and service providers to fundamentally change the performance and economics of storage-intensive virtualized server and cloud applications like databases, big data and custom enterprise applications.


Date: 21 Jun 2012

"With our success in the desktop virtualization market, we are constantly asked by customers to bring to market solutions for virtual servers that optimize storage utilization like we do for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)," said Bernard Harguindeguy, CEO of Atlantis Computing. "With the introduction of Atlantis ILIO FlexCloud 1.0, we are demonstrating how our technology has the flexibility to deliver similar performance, cost and scalability benefits to server virtualization and the cloud."

Atlantis ILIO was the first storage optimization software solution delivered for VDI in 2009 and is a key enabler of the largest and most successful VDI deployments in the world including JPMorgan Chase, Colt, CBRE and Washington Trust Bank.

"When we first tried to deploy desktop virtualization, we ran into performance problems and weren't able to scale until we deployed Atlantis ILIO software to optimize how the virtual desktops use storage," said Chris Green, VP of IT Infrastructure at Washington Trust Bank. "Today every time we add virtualized servers, we have to purchase a lot more storage to ensure that we have enough capacity and performance available for the application. We look forward to extending our use of Atlantis ILIO technology to virtualized servers."

Atlantis ILIO FlexCloud 1.0 is application-aware storage optimization software that complements virtualization solutions from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. The solution intelligently processes all storage IO traffic within the hypervisor to decrease the amount of IO sent to storage and boosts application performance. As a result, storage is used more efficiently as less is needed for a given application, and more applications can be supported by the storage fabric.

Atlantis ILIO FlexCloud 1.0 can be configured to use server memory (RAM) as tiered storage enabling clustered applications that require processing massive amounts of data to operate very efficiently in scale out shared storage environments.
Atlantis ILIO FlexCloud 1.0 Features
· Application Characterization - Identifies and maps storage IO traffic characteristics of application and responds intelligently based on patterns.
· Inline IO Deduplication - Eliminates duplicate Write and Read IO traffic to reduce the amount of storage traffic.
· IO Processing - Processes IO requests from the hypervisor so that processing occurs in memory instead of being serviced by storage resulting in improved overall performance.
· Scatter/Gather Coalescing - Reverses the IO blender effect introduced with virtualization by transforming smaller randomized IO traffic into easier to consume larger sequential blocks to further boost network and storage efficiency.
Fast Clone - Creates new virtual machine clones on demand using Atlantis ILIO without copying data from storage or introducing performance overhead.


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