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Silver Peak delivers up to 20X faster replication with Dell EqualLogic Storage

Silver Peak Systems says that its Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software has been tested and qualified with Dell EqualLogic replication. In joint lab testing, Silver Peak demonstrated performance gains of up to 15x for replication throughput, while real-world deployments have realised up to 20x with up to 90% WAN bandwidth reduction. By replicating data faster over existing networks, customers can exceed recovery point objectives (RPO) while minimising infrastructure costs.


Date: 15 Jun 2012

“The combination of Silver Peak optimisation with Dell storage replication plays an integral role in preserving and protecting our financial data,” said Travis Rupp, associate vice president of project management for Denali Federal Credit Union. “In less than a day, we downloaded Silver Peak’s software, installed it on Dell PowerEdge servers, and started optimising our traffic. It used to take more than 11 hours to replicate our data across Alaska, and with Silver Peak, we can now replicate all of our data in just 3.8 hours.”

Disaster recovery strategies address the need to safeguard data against natural disasters, human error and malice. Enterprises manage these risks by replicating primary data to secondary sites. Dell EqualLogic Auto-Replication periodically replicates data from primary sites to designated disaster recovery sites, with Silver Peak VXOA software optimising the data movement and providing granular visibility and control over the traffic. This helps ensure business continuity in the event of an outage.

“Through a combination of real-time optimisation techniques, Silver Peak enabled us to reduce our replication times from 24 hours to 8 hours over our existing WAN infrastructure,” said Tom Robertson, CTO at Charter Bank. “Silver Peak’s appliances have become critical to our disaster recovery processes, enabling us to backup all of our data to a secure offsite location in a fast, reliable, and cost effective manner.”

“Enterprises today require fast and easy replication to meet their disaster recovery goals,” said Travis Vigil, executive director, Dell Storage. “With each Dell EqualLogic array sold, Dell provides flexible and easy to use replication software, along with many other enterprise capabilities, at no additional cost for our customers. Teaming with companies like Silver Peak helps our customers to maximise the use of available WAN bandwidth and overcome the effects of latency and network congestion.”

With Silver Peak’s industry-leading portfolio of physical and virtual WAN optimisation solutions, Dell EqualLogic customers can replicate 20-times more data over existing WAN connections. This ensures recovery point objectives (RPO) are met and disaster recovery costs are minimised by leveraging lower cost WAN infrastructures.

“We are excited to build on our status as a Dell global preferred partner by validating and quantifying the performance benefits of a WAN-optimised Dell EqualLogic deployment,” said Rick Tinsley, president and CEO of Silver Peak. “Our broad portfolio of software-based solutions are available for free, self-service trials directly from our website, allowing anyone to start optimising their disaster recovery deployments immediately.”


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