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Avnet Technology Solutions expands SolutionsPath™ across EMEA

SolutionsPath™ practice enables EMEA partners and IT vendors to reach specialised, high-growth markets.


Date: 22 May 2012

Avnet Technology Solutions is expanding its SolutionsPath™ practices across EMEA to help business partners gain expertise in high growth technology and vertical markets. After successfully launching SolutionsPath™ in the UK, an even greater number of businesses across EMEA will be able to benefit from Avnet Technology Solutions’ strategic insight into local market opportunities, tailored training and practical support programmes.

SolutionsPath™ provides a proven end-to-end methodology spanning business analytics, technology training, market research and consultancy to enable partners achieve business growth. SolutionsPath™ provides planning, enablement tools and training through technology practices, VirtualPath™, MobilityPath™, StoragePath™ and CloudReady™, and market expertise with HealthPath™. The practice enables partners from different business sectors to leverage Avnet’s technology expertise, market insight and distribution capabilities to quickly develop technology skills in new areas and achieve growth in rapidly expanding markets.

“We’ve already had huge success with SolutionsPath™ in the United States and the UK,” said Wayne Gratton, SolutionsPath™ business development director at Avnet Technology Solutions, EMEA. “The feedback from our business partners is that this is exactly what IT solutions distributors should be doing to support their business.”

“SolutionsPath™ is helping organisations build customer-focused solutions and marketing skills as opposed to simply focusing on product training. By helping our partners better understand new market opportunities and gain sales expertise in new areas, we enable them to hit their business development goals and stay on top of new technology trends.” added Gratton.

Avnet’s teams are launching local projects in each country by utitlising the SolutionsPath™ toolkit and methodology to develop practices that specifically correspond to the needs of local business partners and their end customers. As a result, some of the organisations using SolutionsPath™ in EMEA have already reached double-digit business growth.
To help partners make the most of new business opportunities, SolutionsPath™ follows a well-established methodology that focuses on three key stages:
· Envision: Avnet’s approach to researching, identifying and analysing trends within local markets provides partners with invaluable knowledge and insight into emerging local market opportunities.

· Enable: Participating organisations can use Avnet’s research labs, training centres and technology resources to quickly develop expertise in new business areas and tap into the full potential of new business opportunities. Furthermore, SolutionsPath™ provides continuous training, workshops and advice to their business partners to help them quickly achieve specialised knowledge and expertise.

· Execute: Avnet’s team of solution developers provides ongoing practical support to business partners, ranging from planning to configuring and delivering end-to-end solutions. In addition, partners can leverage Avnet’s well-developed distribution network of resellers, sales managers and marketing contacts to optimise product reach and new business opportunities.



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