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Almost half face data growth hurdles due to server virtualisation

Quantum Corp. has announced findings focused on server virtualisation from its 2012 IT Manager Survey. According to the survey, nearly 90 per cent of IT decision makers struggle with backing up data in virtualised environments (see Figure 1). This represents a 5 per cent increase in reported difficulty compared to Quantum survey findings just a year and a half ago.


Date: 3 May 2012

In addition, the survey revealed that data growth continues to be a challenge for IT managers who have implemented server virtualisation. Despite the benefits of virtualisation, 41 per cent of respondents reported that it resulted in increased data growth, and 24 per cent said they were forced to re-engineer existing storage environments for interoperability after adopting virtualisation.

Compared to Quantum’s 2010 survey, the latest survey results suggest that while fewer IT managers experience higher energy demands (21 per cent versus 31 per cent in 2010) and data bottlenecks (22 per cent versus 30 per cent in 2010) as a result of server virtualisation, they are paying more in software costs to address these issues (25 per cent versus 22 per cent in 2010). Finally, one in four IT managers continue to experience backup problems at remote branches as a result of server virtualisation.

“The benefits of virtualisation are well established, and more businesses are looking to extend these benefits to their environments,” said Robert Clark, senior vice president, Data Protection Group, Quantum. “However, this survey shows that while organisations are adopting virtualisation as part of their data center, they often run into unforeseen challenges with data protection. We’ve spent the past year creating solutions that simplify backup in virtual environments so organisations can take full advantage of the benefits of virtualisation.”


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