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Validation at Interop 2012

Enables faster adoption of world-class cloud networks by maximising application deployment and performance and minimising service disruptions.


Date: 1 May 2012

Ixia is introducing its latest data centre and cloud network validation solutions focusing on all aspects of data centre deployment and performance. New products for impairment, security, networking, application delivery and Wi-Fi are demonstrated in Ixia booth #1262 at Interop 2012 in Las Vegas from 8 – 10 May.

Ixia’s new solution ensures that cloud services are provided securely with peak performance and a high quality of experience (QoE). This enables faster adoption of world-class cloud networks by maximising application deployment and performance and minimising service disruptions.

The latest additions to Ixia’s offerings allow holistic validation of all key data centre components for multi-tenant clouds. With Ixia’s tools and solutions, data centre and network cloud providers can realise the following benefits:
· · Reduce time to deploy applications in cloud
· · Overcome cloud adoption reluctance by proving security effectiveness
· · Reduce customer churn through greater focus on application delivery and QoE
· · Avoid service disruptions
· · Monetise cloud services such as tiered services, IPv6
· · Pinpoint internal data-centre bottlenecks to unlock performance

At Interop, Ixia will showcase:
· · Virtual Infrastructure: Cloud customers want network virtualisation, but access switching tiers are blurred between virtual switching and top of rack switches. VM events and virtual switching creates stress on compute infrastructure. Ixia’s IxVM solution provides virtual test ports that reside "inside" of the compute infrastructure, creating L2-7 traffic generation and analysis for virtual environments while validating application delivery during VM migrations. This helps operators improve performance of virtual and access switching, select the best network virtualisation strategy and ensure multi-tenant service level agreements.
· · Storage Infrastructure: Big data applications require huge East-West bandwidth in the data centre. A bottleneck for Web 2.0 applications can often be storage I/O and the convergence of LAN and SAN traffic requires lossless Ethernet. Ixia’s IxNetwork and IxLoad applications help to improve FC/FCoE switch and CNA performance, verify lossless Ethernet (DCB) for SAN with mixed LAN/SAN traffic and can load test NAS (CIFS, NFS) and iSCSI target devices. This allows operators to deliver high quality of experience for cloud users, ensure big data applications don’t have storage bottlenecks and support the storage IO scale requirements of web/cloud applications.
· · Switching Fabric: Switching fabric must support huge bandwidth requirements with link redundancy, resiliency, fault detection, loop prevention and minimal latency. The limited scale of current switch technologies to support large L2 domains forces cloud providers to consider emerging L2 multipath protocols. Ixia’s IxNetwork covers all the multipath bases with TRILL, SPBM, Cisco Fabric Path for integrated data/control plane validation. Ixia will also be unveiling its new industry-first, flexible OpenFlow protocol emulation within IxNetwork. These tools allow operators to improve reliability and scalability of switch fabrics, implement cutting edge software defined networking designs using OpenFlow and validate forwarding performance and low latency to improve application delivery. Ixia is launching an industry-only 40G impairment module that simulates higher-speed Ethernet data centre interconnects and clouds with seamless traffic generation and analysis.
· · Security: Network security faces the difficulty of trading off application performance for security effectiveness, along with keeping up-to-date against the latest vulnerabilities. Ixia’s IxLoad can help ensure performance of legitimate stateful traffic using mix of real enterprise applications, provide the latest and diverse set of malware definitions and DDoS attacks through IxLoad-Attack, as well as hammer both perimeter and virtual security boundaries using a mix of virtual and physical test interfaces. This allows cloud providers to ensure immunity to malware without sacrificing application performance, avoid costly cloud service disruptions and alleviate enterprise data privacy concerns.
· · Application Delivery: Applications in the cloud often break during peak usage and technology convergence requires high degrees of realism for validation. Ixia’s IxLoad provides unparalleled realism using 100s of real, stateful enterprise applications with multi-protocol user workflows, including Internet, video, voice and infrastructure protocols and contains unique QoE metrics for each application. IxLoad now supports network impairment to emulate data centre clouds and interconnects for integrated application delivery validation. This allows operators to set optimal application partitioning across virtual/storage infrastructures upfront, ensure capacity for peak usage periods to avoid service disruption and evaluate cloud user satisfaction by measuring their QoE.


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