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VMware or Hyper-V?

Latest version of SolarWinds Virtualisation Manager lets users manage both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments together from a single pane of glass.


Date: 25 Apr 2012

SolarWinds has announced the release of its latest, award-winning SolarWinds Virtualisation Manager – the most comprehensive and affordable virtualisation management solution for managing VMware® and Microsoft Hyper-V™ hypervisors.

· SolarWinds Virtualisation Manager is a comprehensive virtualisation management software solution that delivers integrated VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V capacity planning, VM sprawl control,performance monitoring, configuration management, and chargeback automation, helping to alleviate user pain points around troubleshooting, downtime and resource utilisation across server and storage hypervisors.
· SolarWinds Virtualisation Manager’s unified approach makes it easy to take control of a virtualised environment regardless of size, taking users from the early stages of virtualisation deployment all the way to implementation of private cloud initiatives and IT-as-a-Service.
· Storage is a key dependency to any hypervisor deployment. SolarWinds Virtualisation Manager integrates with SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler, allowing users to go beyond the datastore stats, to the logical unit number (LUN) for both VMware and Hyper-V and ultimately the physical disk level stats, providing full VM-to-spindle visibility for simpler and faster troubleshooting.
· SolarWinds recently conducted a survey on private cloud management in December 2011 and received responses from nearly 65 IT professionals. The survey found that nearly 85 percent of users deploy VMware’s hypervisor, followed closely by Microsoft Hyper-V at 55 percent.


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