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Intelligent Energy efficiently manages rapid organisational expansion

Dell virtualized solution delivers 80 percent reduction in physical server infrastructure.


Date: 18 Apr 2012

Intelligent Energy has virtualized its rapidly growing IT infrastructure with Dell to achieve greater flexibility and performance while managing organisational growth in an environmentally responsible way. Named by The Sunday Times’ Tech Track 100 in 2011 as one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies, Intelligent Energy has witnessed a 300 percent growth in data driven by growth in employee numbers over the course of a year.

To optimise performance and simplify administration in its data centre, Intelligent Energy implemented a Fluid Data™ architecture based on Dell storage solutions. This created a dynamic pool of resources that can be easily scaled to support its rapid growth while facilitating real-time interactive product design across two continents. The Dell storage solution also enables Intelligent Energy to create new storage volumes that support virtual server platforms in just 54 seconds – a process that previously would have taken a full working day to complete. By avoiding maintenance costs associated with forklift upgrades, Intelligent Energy saves time and can more effectively allocate its IT spending.

With Dell PowerEdge™ R710 servers, the business’ physical infrastructure has been consolidated by 80 percent, allowing Intelligent Energy to benefit from a 90 percent virtualized infrastructure. As well as expanding the capabilities and performance of the server network, the move has allowed Intelligent Energy to reduce infrastructure costs and power consumption by 80 percent compared with its legacy infrastructure. With Dell, Intelligent Energy is also able to meet its commitment to green power and improved environmental impact.

Working with IT consultancy Fordway, a Dell PartnerDirect premier partner, Intelligent Energy has also deployed Dell Compellent Storage Center arrays, allowing for virtualization at the storage layer of the data centre infrastructure. Intelligent Energy can process multiple requests simultaneously while automated tiering allows non-critical data to be routed to storage that demands less power while providing more capacity. The Compellent system helps Intelligent Energy minimise power consumption while improving performance and ease of management. As a result of this achievement, Intelligent Energy was named as the runner-up for 2011 Green IT awards’ Cloud/Virtualization project of the Year category.

The new Dell server and storage infrastructure has also improved the reliability of Intelligent Energy’s IT infrastructure. With the ability to snapshot virtual machines and apply service patches without disrupting the storage network, content can be easily and quickly backed up. To support the IT infrastructure further - particularly as the company continues to grow rapidly - Intelligent Energy plans to work with Dell to help launch a disaster recovery (DR) site. This will allow the business to benefit from transparent volume migration between two disparate Dell Compellent systems to ensure that end users have 24/7 access to data, regardless of their location.


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