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Data Centre Alliance to exceed target by end of first year

The Data Centre Alliance which formed in 2010 and publically launched last May, is on course to surpass its target of 100 member organisations.


Date: 6 Mar 2012

Simon Campbell-Whyte Executive Director said: “It has been an amazing response and the data centre industry now has the independent and democratic collective from which to bring about the improvements we all want to see.”

The DCA has already co-ordinated the Pan-European Data Centre Academy (PEDCA) project in January 2012 which involved 15 partners including four universities and three regional governments across the EU to set up much needed technological R&D facilities and skills development programmes. The project is in line with the EU’s call for stimulation of the Digital Economy and its vision for a SMART, resource efficient Europe by 2020.

Steven Norris, DCA President and former Cabinet Minister confirmed: “The data centre industry hasn’t organised itself before now in order to apply for EU investment for essential R&D activities, other sectors of ICT have benefited from considerable funds and although not an easy task the DCA is making rapid progress which will benefit the entire EU data centre Industry”

The DCA is also soon to roll out a cohesive and independent data centre certification programme which will bring consistency and clarity to data centre resilience, energy efficiency, site security and operational professionalism.

Backing this Program, Andrew Jay, DCA Vice President commented: “This initiative represents real progress for the Industry both for new developments and existing data centre facilities”.

Professor Dennis Kehoe DCA, Vice Chairman added: “This is a major factor that unifies every single Data Centre Alliance member, which goes to show that an affordable and truly independent auditing and certification programme is overdue”.

Adriaan Oosthoek, DCA Vice President and Telecity MD, also backed the proposal saying: “Telecity have always taken a responsible approach to openness and transparency, having adopted EUCOC for all DC’s within the group I always felt there was scope to go much further to ensure the customer was empowered to make informed choices”

Steven Norris summed up: “This process is further evidence of an evolving Industry mobilising itself towards effective self governance”.

Steve Hone, DCA Operations Director was pleased to announce that following beta tests, the live version of the DCA’s Secure Collaboration Platform which will be called “DATA CENTRAL” will be launched at the beginning of April. The Platform will provide the DCA members with a secure private environment to collaborate on data centre industry projects. Steve Hone commented “if you wish to provide a voice for the industry, it can’t be done with small groups, you must provide a professional online platform to reach the numbers concerned”.



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