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Belgian municipality swaps NetApp for EMC VNXe Unified Storage

The government of Balen, Belgium has replaced its NetApp solution with EMC® VNXe™ unified storage for its “no compromise” simplicity, efficiency, and affordability. As a result, the Belgian municipality achieved a 25% operational efficiency boost and enabled more responsive, cost-effective government services for its citizens. With an IT infrastructure that is 99% virtualized, the VNXe provides simpler provisioning of Balen’s VMware virtual machines, while reducing power and cooling costs.


Date: 20 Feb 2012

Customer Benefits:

• Increased Efficiency—The VNXe unified storage system provided Balen with a 25% increase in operational efficiency compared to its previous NetApp storage solution.
• Increased Scalability—Balen has doubled the number of virtual servers running on its VNXe with room for continued growth.
• Improved Responsiveness—The integration between VNXe and VMware ESXI virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies enables Balen to deploy new virtual machines in just minutes—compared to days and sometimes weeks it took with NetApp.

Customer Challenges and Solution:

Balen was aggressively virtualizing its server infrastructure with VMware ESXI, but quickly realized that its NetApp storage systems would require significant overhaul to keep pace. The 21,000 citizen municipality considered expanding the NetApp system but found it would be more expensive than acquiring a new platform. Keeping within its tight IT budget, and with the goal of meeting its scalability demands at an affordable cost, Balen decided to deploy a new storage infrastructure.

Balen needed a storage solution that provided greater capacity—yet was simple to manage within a nearly 100% virtualized infrastructure. With the help of EMC Velocity partner 3-IT, Balen selected VNXe unified storage for its simplicity, efficiency, affordability, scalability, and industry-leading VMware integration.

Deployed in just two hours, the VNXe supports Balen’s municipal government staff members with a wide range of applications, such as a time registration system, running on 20 VMware virtual machines. To manage the VNXe environment, Balen uses EMC Unisphere™, which provides intuitive wizard-based storage provisioning and rapid deployment of VMware virtual machines.


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