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CA Technologies cross-enterprise Application Performance Management delivers Business Service Innovation

CA Technologies has announced a new release of its CA Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management (CA CE APM) which extends mainframe monitoring capabilities and provides richer information about the health and performance of key IT services.


Date: 14 Feb 2012

CA CE APM exemplifies CA Technologies Business Service Innovation focus, helping organizations move from simply managing and maintaining IT to delivering quality business services in support of organizational goals. CA CE APM monitors and collects information on the mainframe and integrates with CA APM to provide 24x7 monitoring of business transactions in a single pane of glass across mainframe, distributed and the cloud.

“Our clients are focusing on how IT can be more strategic to the business by providing decision makers and IT staff with timely information about IT services, and how their predictability and availability impacts business outcomes,” said Dayton Semerjian, general manager, Mainframe, CA Technologies. “This new release of CA CE APM offers IT staff more real-time visibility into the customer experience to help them optimize customer-facing applications and services, no matter where they reside.”

The enhanced capabilities provide deeper insight into customer-facing business transactions across increasingly complex IT environments, modernizing mainframe administration by simplifying and enhancing cross-platform management to help incorporate the mainframe into an organization’s broader enterprise IT strategy.

“Having all the necessary information to pinpoint application performance issues in a single place is key to resolving them before the customer experience is tainted,” states Julie-Ann Williams, senior technical consultant for millennia…, a European System z consulting company. “With CA CE APM, our entire IT team has access to the information they need to diagnose a problem faster—whether it’s on a distributed system or the mainframe.”

Advancing Service Assurance Across Mainframe, Distributed, Virtual and Cloud

With the rise of virtualization and cloud computing and the complex mix of mainframe and distributed platforms in the evolving data center, IT staff needs to perform real-time “application triage” to quickly diagnose and fix problems that can impact the customer experience. By providing a 360? view of all customer transactions, organizations can better understand the health, availability and business impact of critical business services to prioritize problem resolution and help assure that service performance meets SLAs.

To provide this level of visibility, new capabilities in CA CE APM and its integration with CA APM include:

? Over 90 metrics for DB2 for z/OS, end-to-end IMS for z/OS and the mainframe network to provide richer data faster, and with less work, so IT organizations can more quickly resolve problems with mainframe-based business transactions
? Information about network traffic across mainframe and distributed platforms that helps pinpoint problems affecting the performance or availability of an application or service
? A virtual infrastructure view so staff can more easily diagnose problems in the virtual environment and resolve them faster
? Information on how well SaaS vendor-delivered applications are performing for end-users
? Expanded information used to monitor cloud services efficiently

In addition, CA CE APM integration with CA APM offers a business-level view of service performance across mainframe, distributed and cloud services that can be displayed when executives need it on their mobile devices via CA Executive Insight for Service Assurance.


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