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Flexible way to deliver back up and disaster recovery

MSPs using the Citrix XenServer virtualization platform can now offer their customers a premier deduplicating archival solution at an affordable monthly rate.


Date: 18 May 2011

QuorumSoft has announced Alike™ MSP Advantage, a new program that expands the opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs) to offer their customers back up and disaster recovery services. Beginning June 1, MSPs will be able to implement the Alike product suite and only pay an affordable monthly fee based on the back up and disaster recovery services they deliver to customers.

Managed service providers can use the Alike MSP Advantage program to meet the growing demand for robust back up and disaster recovery protection delivered as part of their monthly outsourcing agreement with customers. "We created the Alike MSP Advantage program to give MSPs a low-risk, low-investment option for delivering more comprehensive capabilities to their customers and increasing their revenue," said Phil Baskette, founder and CEO, Quorum Software, Inc.

Alike is a complete solution for the Citrix® XenServer virtualization platform, Alike enables image-level back ups of virtual machines (VMs), even while they are running. MSPs leveraging Alike MSP Advantage will benefit from the unique Alike architecture that remotely connects XenServer hosts, thus minimizing the potential for disruption to production environments and conserving CPU and I/O resources.

Alike DR is a complete disaster recovery solution featuring an Offsite Recovery module that lets users choose the data to vault offsite. Alike DR also features Enhanced Replication, a highly efficient means to synchronize a virtual machine on a schedule using delta-only transfers and stream compression. Enhanced Replication can be used on a LAN, WAN or cloud-based servers.


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