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IronKey and Ceedo secure Virtual Desktop applications

IronKey, along with Ceedo, has launched a secure workspace virtualisation solution, designed for the mobile enterprise. As more businesses and government agencies adopt mobile workforces, enterprise must also meet the demands of compliance. And with regulations such as UK Data Protection and enforcement by the Information Commissioner's Office, organisations can face fines of up to £500,000 for failure to protect data. The IronKey and Ceedo solution for secure portable applications provides workers with quick access to applications and always-on data protection. Asaf Weisbrot, vice president World Wide Sales at Ceedo, commented, "IronKey leads the field in securing data and alongside our unique approach to virtualisation, enterprises can now safely and affordably provide workers with access to data and applications anywhere."


Date: 22 Apr 2011

The solution combines the latest Ceedo workspace virtualisation and application management technology with IronKey Enterprise, a centrally managed, always-on hardware encrypted USB flash drive. By isolating the workspace -- the user's applications, data, and associated resources -- from PC hardware, and storing it on a secure portable device, users can travel anywhere and always access their desktop applications and data. IronKey's Enterprise solution ensures data is secured with military-grade encryption that can easily be managed from anywhere in the world. Organisations can audit device usage and if needed remotely disable devices and wipe data.

At a time when the UK Government is tasking its departments to reduce overall IT spending by £2.6bn (over the next three years) and private sector enterprise IT budgets are under similar pressures, the IT departments within these organisations are facing the issue of how to deliver a flexible and efficient computing environment for employees. Usually the costs associated with this task relate to maintaining laptop PCs, with the majority of costs coming from the hours spent installing, removing, updating and troubleshooting software. In addition, IT departments also have to manage the direct IT maintenance time lost, as well as employee downtime and lost productivity while waiting for IT personnel to address the user's issues and needs.
Colin Woodland, vice president EMEA for IronKey said, "Managing desktops and replacing aging computers is a significant expense for every IT organisation. The increasing pressure for consumerisation, mobility, and the influx of contract workers is making it even more difficult for IT teams to keep up. At the same time, controlling access to data and preventing data breaches is now more important, especially with ICO enforcement of fines up to £500,000. Our solution allows organisations to provide remote workers with a flexible 'anytime, anywhere' environment. This allows staff to have access to applications, data, and networks without significant capital expenditure and the potential of costly data breaches."


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